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AllMarkOne Statement 01/04/2020

Hi everyone, April Fools! Thanks to so many of you for playing along with the absurdity of our prank, showing that it really does pay dividend to reach the end of whatever you read (and apologies to those we fooled)! Like many others we’ve also been struggling financially in this period, but are happy that we were able to make so many people laugh while times are tough. That being said, there are lots of people having a much harder time economically than us right now, and while some of us have the privilege to live financially supported, many cannot. British Rowing has a page on their website about supporting rowing community businesses which is worth checking out. We aren’t selling much...

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The growth of women's rowing in the UK

Clubs across the UK are currently gearing up for WEHORR, with only three days to go until the premier event of the winter racing calendar for women. The peak of the summer racing calendar for athletes of all ages will likely come on the Henley course, but this year especially the discussion is high as to whether that should be at Henley Royal or two weeks prior at Henley Women’s.

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