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Regatta season is warming up and we’re rearing to go! It’s come around quick and seems like only yesterday we were shooting celebration shots at Henley Royal Regatta. This weekend sees the first major regattas of the season taking place - BUCS Regatta, Wallingford Regatta, and Junior Sculling Regatta, with over 5,000 athletes racing. Over the next few months we’ll be shooting as many events as possible, with more increased coverage than any other past season. (We’ve also finalised a super exciting system that allows us to get your start images on the site before you even cross the finish line!) That’s just a little update from us. Stay tuned on our social media channels @allmarkone, and see a list...

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Junior Sculling Regatta 2019

The first major regatta of 2019 is tomorrow- the Junior Sculling Regatta, held at Eton Dorney. Amid the cancellation of other regattas this weekend because of the winds caused by Storm Hannah, everyone is hoping that the JSR will go ahead, not least because there are some pretty thrilling looking races.

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