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GB Trials - November Assessment

Video files from November assessments can be found here. If you wish to use the footage online please credit @allmarkone in the caption or description. The footage is stored on our Dropbox site. We reccomend looking at and downloading the videos on their desktop site, or by using their dedicated app. If you would like us to colour-correct the footage we can do this on a per request basis. Please contact us by emailing sure you include the file name of the footage as this makes it easier for us to locate the right file!

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First Look at Rowith

This is the first instalment in a series where we are taking a look at some up-and-coming rowing ideas, events and products for showcasing and explaining on our website, and letting you be the first to know about these exciting new ventures into rowing. These articles are not paid or sponsored by the companies mentioned, we simply think they are pretty cool ideas that we want to learn more about. The most polarising object in a gym is often the rowing machine. Some denounce the machine as “pointlessly tiring” with no real benefit, while others will stand by it until they die, swearing it in as the premier exercise machine. As a rower writing this article for other rowers, I’m...

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Plea for No-Tolerance Policy for Sexual Misconduct in UK Rowing Clubs

With thanks to the viral #MeToo movement amongst other efforts, there has been long overdue progress in opening up the conversation about the prevalence of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault over the last few years. The movement focused initially on the frequency of cases in the workplace and over time, we have begun to see increasing reports of cases within sport. Larry Nassar was sentenced to upwards of 300 years in prison in 2018 after the ex national team doctor for USA gymnastics was accused of sexually abusing over 250 young women  and 1 young man. Allegations against him dated as far back as 1992. Decades of reports emerged about the entertainment industry, with high-profile cases of the likes of Jimmy Saville and Harvey Weinstein. And...

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