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Plea for No-Tolerance Policy for Sexual Misconduct in UK Rowing Clubs

With thanks to the viral #MeToo movement amongst other efforts, there has been long overdue progress in opening up the conversation about the prevalence of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault over the last few years. The movement focused initially on the frequency of cases in the workplace and over time, we have begun to see increasing reports of cases within sport. Larry Nassar was sentenced to upwards of 300 years in prison in 2018 after the ex national team doctor for USA gymnastics was accused of sexually abusing over 250 young women  and 1 young man. Allegations against him dated as far back as 1992. Decades of reports emerged about the entertainment industry, with high-profile cases of the likes of Jimmy Saville and Harvey Weinstein. And...

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South Africa's Germiston High School: Storm Rebuild

Germiston High School is a secondary school in Johannesburg, South Africa with a rowing club full of dedicated young athletes. Many of the children come from disadvantaged backgrounds and the club itself receives minimal support.  On the 17th January this year, they were hit by a devastating storm which destroyed the shed and all the equipment that it contains.  

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