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Fours Head 2018: Junior Championship Coxless Fours (JM4-)

The rowing season re-commences in earnest this weekend on the Tideway, where most crews will look to gain valuable experience, if not a medal. At this point in the season, it remains to be seen who is strong and who has work to do, who is J16, who is the firsts, who are fielding parallel crews, so any predictions at this point in time are fraught; but one can certainly say that all crews will be filled with optimism, so hopefully the weather Gods are kind and the racing is on!

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British Senior Championships - Sunday Preview

The British Rowing Senior Championships kicks off this weekend, with famous rivals already eager to prove their place and put their name in the mix for the year ahead. With this event officially tagged onto the end of last season, it is at a weird part of the season for clubs that have taken a serious break over summer, most notably academic institutions. We might see the rise of more local clubs take stronger spots at this event, after a summer of training, rather than a summer off the water.

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Season Preview - J16 Championship Eights

The J15 season is a crucial one in the development of junior athletes, as the first in sweep boats for most, and the first year experiencing proper junior racing.  With some fierce competition showing at the end of last year, and with less seasoned crews getting more experience under their belts, the 2019 season is shaping up to be a year of fiesty duels on the water between the country’s top rowing schools and clubs.

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