Hammersmith Bridge Ferry: Impact on the Rowing Community



Last week, a plan was submitted to Richmond Council proposing a ferry service at Harrods Wharf in light of the continued closure of Hammersmith Bridge. This will have a significant negative impact on many people who use the river recreationally, including the rowing community. 

The ferry is proposed to run regularly from 06:00 to 22:00, creating major river traffic in the area of river that has already been cut short due to the bridge closure. The route itself would particularly impact Fulham Reach Boat Club, a registered charity situated directly opposite Harrods. Their pontoon was also suggested as a landing site for the ferry without their permission or consultation. 

Fulham Reach Boat Club allow more than 1,300 local state school children from both sides of the river, including Richmond and Barnes, to access the river every year.  They have a further 200 local members who use the charity to recreationally access the Thames.  They have been nationally recognised for their charitable work, winning Club of the Year at the 2020 British Rowing Awards.

The ferry would force the club to close, leading to 25 job losses and preventing thousands of people from accessing the river. FRBC have done fantastic work in making rowing more accessible and it would be heartbreaking to see their work end. The proposal would also cause damage to the surrounding area that has been highlighted for conservation by Richmond Council themselves.

 We urge anyone in the rowing community to voice their concerns to this proposal and support FRBC and the following rowing clubs below Hammersmith Bridge who will be most affected. 

  • Barn Elms Rowing Club
  • Crabtree Boat Club
  • Dulwich College Boat Club
  • Fulham Reach Boat Club
  • Godolphin and Latymer School Boat Club
  • HSBC Rowing Club
  • Imperial College Boat Club
  • King's College School Boat Club
  • London Rowing Club
  • Putney High School Boat Club
  • Thames Rowing Club
  • Vesta Rowing Club
  • Westminster School Boat Club