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NSR 2021 Announcement

While summer regatta facing seems far away, it was exciting to see the National Schools Regatta committee's announcement today with regards to their plans for the 2021 event.  Its great to see a commitment to gender parity across events. Changes at the junior level of the sport are so important and will set a new standard for future generations of athletes. The 55/45 split across boys' and girls' entries at the 2019 event should only grow closer to even in future years.  Similarly, the introduction of further sculling events to balance their availability with sweep events is great to see. Especially given the Henley Royal Regatta entry restrictions, clubs tend to favour sculling entries. Clubs on the whole play a key role in making the...

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National Schools - Parent's Guide 2019

As much as we are all thinking about the preparation for coaches and athletes weekend, for many this could be the first big regatta for parents attending in support and as many stalwarts in thee spectating world... easier said than done! We spoke to some parents who have been there and done that at more regattas to count about their best tips for surviving the busy weekend ahead. 

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