What are AMO up to at National Schools Regatta?


The first few members of the team will be down from Friday onwards, ready to hand out wristbands of course! We also have someone on the official commentary team across all three days of racing and our social media will be updated throughout the weekend, with a guest appearance on the Instagram story from the GB team travelling to the Junior European Championships. Read about the GB team competing here

We will be handing out slips as shown below to those who want to participate in our first T-Shirt design competition. We have a very active following and we love hearing what you want to see from us, so we figured this would be the best way to keep delivering the right thing. 


On Saturday and Sunday we will be based with Oxford Brookes University at their tent. Come and say chat to us and their team! We've got a few comfy spots to sit, some tunes, a few bits of merch to look at, pre order and collect... come and chill.


As always, we will have photographers shooting the event. Check out our photo section of our site to see the galleries as racing goes on throughout the day. We will also be shooting some video for a montage this year, keep your eyes peeled if you want to sneak in and get featured. 

On Saturday afternoon, we will be interviewing Coxed Single's Harry Brightmore and Cameron Buchan- both Ladies Plate winners and members of the GB senior squad for this Olympiad- who have managed to find time in their busy schedules to come down and say hi, alongside lightweight senior teammate from Leander, Ed Fisher. We'll be conducting an interview with Cam... with a twist. Both of these will be on film to find on youtube after the event. Check out Cam's youtube channel if you haven't seen his awesome vlogs already!

Over the weekend, if all goes as planned, we will also be getting side-on footage of the semis and finals in 4k. We cannot stream these live for you, but it should make for some awesome footage  and will be continuously uploading shortly after the finish of each race! Stay subscribed to our Youtube Channel to catch those as they upload. There's also a snapchat filter like last year going live on Friday lunchtime. 

None of what we do would be possible if it weren't for the overwhelming support we receive. From our amazing team of juniors, the 'big guys' in the rowing community, friends, parents and anyone that follows us. A big thanks is due on that front. Let's make this a super weekend for everyone involved, especially the young people going out to compete after all their hard work this year. 

Guess we'll see you there then?