National Schools Regatta- Junior 16 Quadruple Sculls

J16 quadruple sculls is a very thought after event with the likes of Henley and TSS battling it out for bragging rights. After strong performances from crews at both the Scullery and Wallingford we are expecting a close final this Sunday. As time goes on and we are getting further into regatta season, all crews are pushing themselves to be the best they can be this weekend.


A star example of this, is this year’s Henely Rowing Club’s J16 quad. They have put out strong performances all through the year. Putting a sculler, Ed Roy, second at J16 February trials. They have also been virtually undefeated since they pipped Scullers at SHORR by .7, with both leaving a gap of 28 seconds to the rest of the top five. Followed by another win at Junior Inter-Regionals and again at Wallingford this crew seems to be the ones to watch as Sunday comes ever closer.


Another fine example of a crew to watch will be the quad from Sir William Borlase Grammar School. After coming a strong second at the Heiniken Cup in March and then another second to Walton RC at the sculling regatta and yet another second at Wallingford these boys will be thirsty for a win first this weekend.


Tideway Scullers, an already well-known name for sculling. A win in the double at j16 trials from De St Croix put these boys in good position for the rest of the season. However, after a regatta season full of seconds these boys will be wanting a win. Especially after losing out to Henley RC at SHORR by less than a second, being 28 seconds clear of the field, and then another second to Henley at Junior Inter-Regionals.


Other strong looking crews to mention would be Leander after their 3rd at SHORR and placed an athlete in the top 15 at j16 trials, Claires Court who won the sculling head, Walton who won the sculling regatta. The Windsor Boys School who won both j16 trials single by a large margin of 13 seconds and then double with TSS.

This makes NSR unpredictable for this category (j16 4x-). With regards to Henley’s dominance this could all change if TSS and others get the last miles in at training and throw all they’ve got at this event. Leander, A.B. Severn boat club and Westminster all have the chance to claw back at this margin and hopefully create an intense A Final at NSR. St Paul’s coming sixth will no doubt fight back as well.


- Joe and Nick