National Schools Regatta 2018 - Key Information Documents for Athletes

Each regatta has a different amount of reading for coxes and bowmen before their race, NSR is no different. The website can be quite hard to navigate and it's not always clear what you need to read, and what you don't.

We have got all of the key documents together, on one page, ordered by how vital they are, starting with essential information at the top. There may be more competitors' information being released this week-we will keep this page updated as that comes in. 


Regatta Circular 2018 

The Circular was sent out on February 26th as a notice of all events, including notices of all the changes to the new framework. This is quite a long document so we have broken it all down into the key points here.

The Draw

The list of entries and the draw were released this morning. The live tracker for the events during the day will also be available here. Coxes and steersman should be aware of the timings of their races as detailed here

Clean Sport

Athletes should be aware of the rules and regulations regarding clean, fair practice of sport detailed here.

Marquee Plan