The Racing Line
The Racing Line
The Racing Line

The Racing Line

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Hand designed by Izzy Wedderburn, we at AllMarkOne decided to immortalise the summer Henley stretch all year round, with the creation of our latest t-shirt. The Racing Line features landmarks from both Henley Women's Regatta and Henley Royal Regatta courses, with additional landmarks of the town and local rowing clubs. 

In all seriousness, we think they turned out quite cool, they are unisex t-shirts, 150gsm cotton, with some of the best sustainable stats out there, printed in the UK, and shipped from the AllMarkOne offices.  These items are in stock now and ready to ship immediately.

Size Guide

Half Chest Measurement (cm) 

Width of t-shirt at chest height

XS 46
S 49
M 52
L 55
XL 58