Feather & Square Hand Balm
Feather & Square Hand Balm
Feather & Square Hand Balm

Feather & Square Hand Balm

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Tired of cracked and blistered hands that take forever to heal? The lads at Feather & Square have a solution to help your gnarly fingers and palms recover faster so that you can keep on gripping that handle to your heart's content.

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1 £12
3 £11
10+ £10 Contact Us for Discount

Once damaged, it can take your skin weeks or even months to recover completely, especially since sore hands have never been an excuse to miss a session!

This beeswax-based hand balm helps to prevent the dryness that causes cracks, sealing in moisture without making your skin soft and prone to further tearing.

These tins are petite but mighty! Each hand balm goes a long way and should last for a few seasons. To learn more about the items follow @feathernsquare.

Apply a small quantity to the affected area once it has been allowed to dry out naturally and is no longer raw.  Pretty quickly you'll feel the unique blend of hand-helping ingredients acting to make movement more comfortable, allowing your skin to heal.