The Boat Race

The Boat Races will take place on Sunday 7th April 2019. Sunday's timetable is as follows:

Event Time
Coin Toss - Women's Boat Race 12:28pm
Coin Toss - Osiris vs Blondie 12:43pm
Coin Toss - Isis vs Goldie 12:58pm
Coin Toss - Men's Boat Race 1:13pm
Boating - Women's Boat Race 1:25pm
Boating -  Osiris & Blondie 1:42pm
Boating - Isis & Goldie 1:57pm
Women's Boat Race 2:13pm
Boating - Men's Boat Race 2:22pm
Osiris vs Blondie Boat Race 2:30pm
Isis vs Goldie Boat Race 2:45pm
Men's Boat Race 3:10pm