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Rory co-founded AllMarkOne alongside Rich and Alex, building the original website and officially incorporating the company in November 2015. Rory was a coxswain for Norwich School and has represented the GB Rowing Team at both the Coupe de la Jeunesse and Junior World Championships whilst at school. Rory took a gap year focusing on expanding AllMarkOne Ltd. and coaching both rowing and coxing at Norwich School BC, before moving to Oxford Brookes University to study Business and Enterprise and cox for OBUBC in autumn 2018. He now designs and implements the back-end of the company, leading the website and the financial & business side of AllMarkOne. Especially considering the huge growth we've seen this year, both in our coverage and in the sheer size of the AMO team, Rory is a crucial part in helping make sure the team behind the cameras are able to do what they do.

Dream Camera Combo - AS350 + ShotOver F1 w' Monstro 8K




Lucinda is a rower and photographer originally from St. Paul's Girls' School. She was recruited onto the team in 2016 after her photos came out from Henley Royal Regatta. Since then Lucinda has become an integral member of AllMarkOne moving through the past 2 years. Last season, she started an exploration into video and has since created promotions for groups like The Boat Race, Oarsport and Fulham Reach BC. It was an out-of-the-blue email from Lucinda to FRBC, asking if they'd be interested in collaborating, that has seen us working with them over the course of the year, with a project shortlisted in the Charity Film Awards 2019. She pushed the creation of the AllMarkHub earlier this year, as well as our international blog coverage of Junior Worlds with the Road to Račice series.  She takes the role of Chief Executive Officer and is coordinating new developments during her gap year before heading to Imperial College London this autumn to study Biomedical Engineering.


Camera - Canon 1DX Mark II + Canon 7D Mark II

Dream Camera Combo - URSA Mini Pro 4.6k and Sigma ART 18-35mm 




Richard is a photographer, originally a cox from Bedford School, who is now studying Psychology at De Montfort University. Rich came up with the idea of combining his love of photography and rowing with some of his friends from other clubs across the country, creating and becoming the first CEO of AllMarkOne in 2015. These days, he focuses on keeping our original passion for photography alive and heads up as Chief of Operations; Rich is the man behind the camera at some the of events we cover, ranging from local races in Bedford to the GB Junior Trials and has a passion for event coverage.

Camera - Canon 5D Mark III + Canon 7D

Dream Camera Combo - Canon 1DX Mark II & 100-400mm f4.5-5.6




Dent learnt to row at Winchester College where he rowed in the Coxed Four with Rory at the Coupe de la Jeunesse in 2016. After joining the team in early-2018  he oversaw our video coverage of National Schools Regatta and now runs our live-streaming operations for events such as Schools Head and HORR. He has since played a vital role in expanding our event coverage over the past year and now co-ordinates our photography coverage as well as being behind the lens at many of the races we cover. He will be studying Engineering at the University of Cambridge starting this September.

Camera - Sony a7R III

Dream Camera Combo - SPOT-7




George joined AllMarkOne in the summer of 2018. He is now the man behind the username and leads the Social Media team, running the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. He also has a managerial role with the AllMarkHub as he writes and organises most articles on the site. Despite being the only member of the team who can't be trusted with a camera, his behind the scenes work is extensive. He rowed at Bedford School in their 2017-18 Gold Medal 8+, and thoroughly enjoyed himself while doing it. George has signed his soul away to Medicine and rows at the University of Birmingham

Current Camera - Canon 7D

Dream Camera Combo - Endoscope




Wilf is a photographer originally from The Kings' School, Chester and is now studying Physics and coxing at Imperial College London, taking the win in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup for IC in 2018. He started coxing at school and represented the GB Rowing Team at the Coupe de la Jeunesse in 2017. Wilf joined the team after covering the GB Junior Trials back in 2016 and became the operations manager at AllMarkOne in late 2017. He has since had his photographs showcased by high profile companies such as Concept2 Racing Oars and The Boat Races. He is also plays an important role in our live-streaming operations.

Camera - Nikon D750

Dream Camera Combo - Hubble Space Telescope




Yasmin joined the team at National Schools' Regatta in 2018. She learnt to row at Sir William Borlase before moving to university at Oxford Brookes to study Psychology. Due to injury, she no longer rows at Brookes and has taken up a coaching role at Borlase, as well as taking her photography more seriously. Yasmin has covered events such as HWR and Junior Worlds throughout 2018. She aims to improve her photography skills and move some of her focus into video over the next few years. 

Camera - Canon 600D

Dream Camera Combo - Canon 5D3 & 300mm f2.8





Alex co-founded AllMarkOne whilst studying and sculling at Eton College. In his final year, he took on a coaching role alongside his A-Level studies, working with the junior athletes in the college. Alex is now back home in the United States studying at Duke University. With the creation of AllMarkHub in 2018, Alex has taken on the role of leading the US team.

Camera - Canon 7D Mark II 

Dream Camera Combo - Leica Rangefinder + 50mm


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