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The University 

The University of Liverpool is a Russell group University ranked top 1% worldwide. It’s one of the six original red brick universities which was set up in the late 1800’s and provides an enormous range of courses both undergraduate and postgraduate, all with global exchange opportunities. The university is well known for its courses in Health Science, Medicine, Bioengineering and is one of few institutions in the UK who offer a Veterinary degree.

The city itself is beautiful and diverse with an atmosphere which anyone can fall in love with. 3 universities occupy Liverpool so there are many bars and clubs always buzzing with students. Or for those more interested in history and heritage, there are 2 cathedrals, charming docks and more Beatles themed buildings than can be counted!

The Boat Club

Established in 1926, Liverpool University Boat Club (LUBC) is one of the oldest sports clubs at the university. LUBC is large, lively and welcomes everyone from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Most members who join the club are novices who bring an unlimited amount of potential.

Based on the River Weaver, LUBC has access to over 12km of scenic canal way to train on. Many people argue and agree that it is the best stretch of water to row on in the north-west of England. Runcorn Rowing Club (RRC) are also based here, LUBC has a great partnership with RRC, which means the two clubs can share resources and have the possibility of frequent friendly competitions to maintain everyone’s competitive spirit!

LUBC also have a reputation for sending talented athletes further into their career. In recent history LUBC has aided athletes in obtaining places on renowned rowing programs such as Newcastle, Edinburgh and Oxford Brookes to name a few. Some athletes have even gone onto win Henley Royal Regatta and even represent team GB.

The club boasts a strong & active alumni network including a newly established alumni boat club, Sphinx BC. Regardless of how competitive you are, LUBC doesn’t have to be the end of your rowing career.


LUBC has 2 main squads, novice and senior. Both are provided with a specialist programs which incorporate plenty of water, erg, strength and conditioning training.

Novices are provided with a program that builds up in intensity, it forms athletes capable of pushing far further than they thought was possible. The senior program is very well-established. It takes athletes who have a passion for the sport and sets them up to compete against top universities in the UK and at national levels.

Although LUBC only has one coach, there is a large input from Alumni volunteers who support the club throughout the season.

For all experienced or aspiring coxes, LUBC also has a cox captain who ensures all coxes are confident in their roles within the club. This includes briefings and talks after training and before races to develop coxes as best as possible.

On top of this, LUBC also has occasional help from Alison Mowbray, a silver medalist in the Athens 2004 Olympics.

For more information on joining Liverpool University BC email - livunibc@gmail.com

Recent Achievements

  • Henley Royal Regatta: 1st round win in the Temple Challenge Cup vs UCL in 2015 and Qualification in 2016
  • Henley Women’s Regatta 2015: Academic Intermediate 8 semi-finalists
  • Women’s Head of the River Race 2015: 35th place finish
  • BUCS Regatta 2018: Novice Coxed 4 bronze medal
  • Several athletes have represented GB at international levels including medals at U23 Worlds and Silver at the Olympics.


  • Dedicated Ergo studio with 16 new Concept 2 ergs and access to a newly refurbished Sports and Fitness center for strength and conditioning sessions and circuit training
  • Well looked after modern fleet which includes Hudson 2-/x, Hudson 4-/x, Filippi 4+ & 8+ and Stampfli 8+
  • Access to larger shared fleet with Runcorn Rowing Club (RRC) covering all boat types and rack space for personal boats. With additional access to RRC facilities including an erg room S&C room and private changing rooms.
  • 12km long stretch of scenic sheltered canal with little water traffic other than rowers.
  • Access to University Physio through Sport Liverpool.


“I joined LUBC 2 years as a means to stay active and kill time while at uni. In reality I have found a passion I didn’t know existed and make some incredible friends. The squads are so close and dedicated to the sport, that wins and losses are felt by everyone. I have no regrets when it comes to starting rowing. If given the opportunity to choose any club to train at, I would not hesitate to choose LUBC.”

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