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The University 

Nottingham Trent University is recognised as one of the UK’s outstanding universities, through commitment to areas including student satisfaction, graduate employment, and quality of teaching. Following the University soaring to 16th place – a jump of 18 places – in the Guardian University Guide 2019, NTU was named University of the Year 2019 in the Guardian University Awards. Based on the 2018 UCAS undergraduate acceptance data, NTU are also in the top ten for the number of applications and first in the UK for accepted offers.

Additionally, the NTU experience is packed with sporting opportunities and ways for students to keep active. Nottingham Trent offers over 60 sports activities for students to get involved with and their range of classes, clubs, Play for Fun programmes and intramural leagues offer something for everyone, at every level.

Furthermore, NTU is a BUCS top 15 university with the resources to match. The Lee Westwood Sports Centre at Clifton Campus and the City Sports Centre both boast impressive sport and fitness facilities, giving all students the opportunity to channel their competitive streak, or blow off steam between lectures.

If you’re still not convinced, the city of Nottingham is a great location, with an energetic community of more than 60,000 students. It’s a place where big-city life meets a relaxed vibe, and huge chains rub shoulders with thriving independents. From peaceful parks to booming nights, Nottingham’s streets always urge you to try something new.

You can have a look at NTU open days at www.ntu.ac.uk/opendays

The Boat Club

The Nottingham Trent University Boat Club (NTUBC) is located at the heart of Nottingham, on the bank of the River Trent. Their club consists of three squads; novice, intermediate and senior, and is affiliated with #1 Midlands Rowing Club, Nottingham Rowing Club. Training programmes are tailored to each squad which enables all athletes to make the most of their rowing experience, whether they are new to the sport or are experienced rowers looking to further their skills. Every year NTUBC builds on its achievements, winning pots at many local races, medals at BUCS, ranking in the top sectors of the country at HoRR and WEHoRR and competing at both Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Women’s Regatta.

Easter sees many NTUBC athletes attend a rigorous and effective training camp on foreign waters, giving students the best chance of succeeding when they return to Nottingham for regatta season. In the summer months NTUBC’s training location moves to the Holme Pierpont National Watersports Centre two kilometre course, helping students prepare for BUCS, Metropolitan Regatta, HRR and HWR.

As well as their effective training programme and successes in competitions and races throughout the year, NTUBC are a very sociable club and a great place for students to make friends. Joining NTUBC is a great way to stay fit, relieve stress, meet new people and get out of your university room. Everyone is welcome, particularly those who fancy trying something completely new.

For any questions about the boat club or rowing at NTUBC please email NTURowing@ntu.ac.uk


NTUBC’s affiliation with Nottingham Rowing Club means they have access to a great team of coaches who work closely with all three sections of the club. They have two main coaches, Dez Atkins and Nikki Spencer, and several secondary coaches, making sure all members get a good level of coaching to help them improve throughout the year.

NTUBC train at Nottingham Rowing Club’s facilities located on the bank of the River Trent by Trent Bridge. This is a short 15 minute bus journey from the city centre or a 30 minute walk.

Members train at different times throughout the week depending on which squad they are in.

  • Three days a week for a novice.
  • Five days a week for an intermediate.
  • Six days a week for a senior.
  • Bronze Medal at EUSA 2016 in the Men’s Lightweight 4x
  • M8+ at Henley Royal 2016 (Day 2) and 2017 (Day 1)
  • NTU athletes qualified at both Henley Royal and Henley Women’s Regatta 2019
  • BUCS Indoors 2018 Gold and Silver Medallists
  • Multiple wins and fastest crew times at local head races and regattas.
  • NTUBC train out of Nottingham Rowing Club’s facilities which are the envy of many other clubs. They have a gym with more than thirty concept II rowing machines and RP3 rowing machines.
  • Four lifting platforms with Olympic bars, squat racks, leg press machines, and a full range of dumbbells.
  • Two wattbikes and stretching area which can be accessed by members at any time.
  • Their fleet includes recreational and racing, with singles, pairs, doubles, quads, fours and eights, suitable for a wide range of sizes and abilities.
  • The boat houses also accommodate privately owned boats. Boats are housed below the two club houses, Nottingham Boat Club and Nottingham Britannia, which have changing rooms and showers.


“I was hesitant about joining NTUBC as I knew rowing was a big commitment from my previous club but as soon as I went to one session there was no turning back. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel part of the team. It made me realise how much I love rowing.”

Bianca Manganiello, Equipment and Safety Officer 2019

“I am excited to see what this year holds for NTUBC. 2019 saw some great results from many athletes in all three sections of the club, a particular highlight being the men’s novice quad coming 4th overall at BUCS Regatta. We also had athletes racing at both Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Women’s Regatta this year, something we aiming to achieve for many years to come.”

Ryan Gillard, President 2019

“My favourite rowing moment from the last year has to be the friendly and supportive atmosphere at BUCS regatta, where many NTU athletes raced and supported others throughout the bank holiday weekend. Racing itself was a lot of fun and showed our crew what we needed to achieve going forward, but what I was most proud of was the strong sense of community and the countless friendships that run across all sections of our club!”

Lillie Prior, Marketing and Communications Officer 2019

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