The Boat Race 2019 Reserve Crews Announced


The Boat Race has announced the reserve crews for the 2019 Boat Race next weekend. The reserve crews race the full course just the same as the blue boats and participate in the same training programme. The standards of these reserve crews are very high, and many athletes will use the reserve race as a stepping stone into future blue boats.

The Oxford men's reserve crew are known as Isis, with the women's reserve crew known as Osiris.

The Cambridge men's reserve crew are known as Goldie, with the women's reserve crew known as Blondie.

Read the official announcement here



Seat  Name
COX Devon Bameier
STROKE Leo von Malaise
7 Luke Robinson
6 Benedict Aldous
5 Ben Thomson
4 Hal Frigaard
3 Nick Elkington
2 Charlie Thurston
BOW Josh Bowesman-Jones




Seat Name
COX Charlie Marcus
STROKE Reggie Mitchell
7 Tom Strudwick
6 Jonty Page
5 Rob Harris
4 Gerard Kuenning
3 Tim Nugent
2 Hugo Durward
BOW Callum MacRae




Seat Name
COX Michael Hobley
STROKE Katie Anderson
7 Sanja Brolih
6 Matilda Edwards
5 Linda Van Bijsterveldt
4 Beatrice Faleri
3 Elsebine Bolier
2 Juliette Allen
BOW Elizabeth Keech




Seat Name
COX Catriona Bourne Swinton Hunter
STROKE Fanny Belais
7 Sally O’Brien
6 Rebecca Dell
5 Anouschka Fenley
4 Abigail Parker
3 Adriana Perez Rotondo
2 Emma Andrews
BOW Charlotte Jackson