Munich International Junior Regatta - Great Britain team announced

The GB Junior Spring Trials take place at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham, with the aim to select a team for the Munich International Junior Regatta in early May. This regatta allows us to see the new names coming into GB contention for the summer racing season, especially from the smaller clubs and schools from across the country. This year is a mix, with some schools such as Radley College and Westminster School having a large representation in the Junior Mens sweep, however, in other categories the range is far more spread out, such as in the Junior Women's sculling team where all six athletes come from separate clubs.

The GB Rowing Team were keen to point out to us that there are athletes from all international competition backgrounds selected for this race. This ranges from Junior World Championship sculler Olivia Morgan from Shiplake College to the seven GB vs France athletes from 2018. The team also consists of Home Countries representation from across the country such as Iwan Hadfield from Monmouth School.

On the side of the Junior Men's Sweep, schools such as St Paul's and Eton are not represented at Munich, this could be the same as 2018 where the coaches of these squads prioritised races such as Wallingford Regatta above Munich Selection.

Munich Regatta will take place from the 4th-5th May 2019 on the Olympic Regatta Course in Munich, Germany. As for previous years, this is where some athletes may put on a GB Junior Vest for the last time, however for others, this could be the start of their international rowing career with a long stretch ahead.


Team Selection

JW Sweep

Name  Club/School
Megan Hewison Aberdeen Schools RA
Abigail Topp Aberdeen Schools RA
Alexandra Riddell-Webster Godolphin & Latymer School BC
Phoebe Snowden Henley RC


JW Sculling

Name  Club/School
Jessica Read Bedford Modern School BC
Lauren Henry Leicester RC
Emma Dabinett Marlow RC
Olivia Morgan Shiplake College BC
Emily Keen Sir William Perkins’s School RC
Ella Stanhope Warrington RC



JM Sweep

Name  Club/School
Connor Brown Abingdon School BC
Jeff Gugelmann King’s College School BC
Dominic Newton Latymer Upper School BC
Nicholas Pritchard Monkton Combe School BC
Iwan Hadfield Monmouth School RC
Freddie Nielsen Radley College BC
Edward Rae Smith Radley College BC
Felix Rawlinson Radley College BC
Alex Senior Radley College BC
Rhys Ash Shiplake College BC
Dom Brown Shiplake College BC
Seb Hjortland-Marks Shiplake College BC
Arnav Sawhney Westminster School BC
Angus Stevenson Westminster School BC
James Stevenson Westminster School BC
Adam Von Bismarck Westminster School BC


JM Cox

Name  Club/School
Jacob Kirby Shiplake College BC


JM Sculling

Name  Club/School
Paul Phillips Agecroft RC
Balthasar Issa Henley RC
Joe Long Henley RC
Louis Powell Lea RC
Miles Devereux Leander Club
Julian van Gelderen The Windsor Boys’ School BC