Fours Head 2018: Women's Junior Coxless Fours (JW4-)

The W4- Junior fours is a new category this year so should prove for some interesting entries and results. This means that the junior girls’ fours are no longer condensed into one very competitive category and now they have two categories in which to compete.

The entries were reasonably predictable: a crew from Henley, Marlow and Lea as well as some more others. With the names held back from the entry list, there is little we can do with this information but we have tried to make it as precise as we can.


Lea’s McDonald took the win at Brit Champs last year in the WJ 2- and was part of the GB vs France eight in 2017. At Brit Champs last year Lea took the win in the WJ16 4+ so perhaps some of these girls will make up this coxless four.  

Godolphin and Latymer

Godolphin and Latymer’s Bonner-Moris came 4th at NSR last year in the coxed fours so maybe they will benefit from racing coxless to take a win. In the draw they are starting in between two Cambridge crews so they must have a lot of points in the boat.


Up next is Henley RC under the name of Hills; Hills was part of the WJ16 4x and the WJ 8+ which won at Brit Champs last year so we expect them to come in the top three at Fours Head. This year Henley have a huge number of girls wanting to trial so perhaps they will have made their focus on sculling in preparation for EID at the end of this month. A coxless four from Henley came a close second to Lea at Upper Thames Autumn Head last Sunday in this boat class so it will be interesting to see how these two crews compare.


The coxless four from Marlow RC should also prove to be very competitive - under the name of Brogan, Brogan was part of the quad at GB vs France last summer and had a very successful season in their quad. Quite a number of Marlow girls attended the GB potential camp last week, and with their switch from sculling to sweep it will be interesting to see how they perform as they are relatively new to this boat class.

Walton and Maidstone Invicta

These specific Walton and Maidstone Invicta fours seem to be relatively new to the scene but could definitely prove competitive with both clubs having successful pairs last year.