Fours Head 2018: Women's Junior Championship/Challenge Coxed Fours (JW4+)


With the 2018/19 season underway after a long, (and much needed!) summer break, we are straight back into a cold, unforgiving head season! The gruelling 6,800m course is a leap back into the season for the 4’s as it really tests the junior squads and provides great learning experiences for the younger athletes and coxes. However, with crews already having put in the work over the past weeks in their 4’s this is a great opportunity to get a feel for the competition and where they are in their training.

Women Junior Championship Coxed Fours

With all crews in this event having a very successful previous season, each and every crew pose as great contenders for the win! Noticeably, Kingston had an undefeated season, where they performed outstandingly throughout, meaning they are entering the head with a high drive to achieve the top position.

Nevertheless, with many high achieving clubs and schools taking part, the girls will come ready to give their all against (for most of the athletes) other crews they have raced previously...adding to the excitement of racing and club rivalry!

All the crews performed outstandingly throughout the previous winter months, again Kingston and Lea were amongst the top, as at last years GB v France match they won their respective races in the four and the eight. It’s gonna be a close race as all clubs laid down impressive times last year, however, the ones to watch are those that had their nose just ahead.

Lea has just appointed a new Director of Junior Rowing, Martín Cambareri, who has coached the Argentinian National Squad - who will surely be analysing their performance for key coaching later in the season.

W4+ Jun Challenge

As there are 14 crews entered in this category, crews won’t just be against the clock but against many friends (and rivals!)

This will provide a great race to keep an eye on throughout the day, as times will really show up the stand-out crews, but will also provide a great basis of things for each crew to take away and work within those long winter sessions both on the erg and mileage on the water. Whether it be cardiovascular endurance, blade timings or maintaining high form and technique through a race this mammoth race will show up any weakness in all crews, will test them, and push them to their limits so early in their season.

With many younger crews (comprised of many J16 athletes) testing the water for the first time, there could be a strong fight amongst all crews. Will we also see any squads/crews which have a bright and potentially dominant future within the junior area, for example, the crews from big schools and clubs like Henley; who had outstanding performances by all of their crews at Upper Thames Head.

Also, with an entry from Marlow RC into the Jun Challenge Fours (comprised of only J16 girls), they will be stiff competition to the other crews after also having a great past season; which consists of a final at HWR, NSR medalists and other national finals. However, with this category comprising of many prestigious women's squads across multiple age categories, it would be hard to rule out anyone!  


Vicky and Ella J16