Fours Head 2018: Junior Coxed Fours (JM4+)

This year we see the J18 4+ decision split into two categories of Champ and Challenge.

Championship Coxed Fours

In the Championship Coxed Fours event, we see last years winners St Paul’s heading first after finishing with a strong 19.53.4 last year, 18 seconds ahead of Radley in second, we predict Paul’s will be going back out seeking to hold that title.

This year I believe the real fight will be for the second place, after seeing that last year, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place were only a second off each other, so we can expect to see Shrewsbury, St Pauls' second crew, Radley College and Eton fighting it out as they come down past Putney. We’re also hoping to see newcomers such as Norwich push their way up the field after a strong performance in the eights last summer.

Challenge Coxed Fours

In the Challenge category along with a new decision comes new names to Fours Head, although this very mixed field is hard to make a firm prediction for this gives any crew the chance to take 1st place at the start of what’s shaping up to look like a competitive head race season. Hampton B has a boat in this event, which is presumably their second boat, so it will be interesting to see how they do. Bedford School are also entered into the event, who had a very successful season last year, but will they be as strong this year after losing some athletes over the summer. 

Wishing all the 4+ Junior crews the best of luck out on the Tideway and hoping for a great event at the Fuller's Head of the River Fours 2018.


- George J18