AllMarkOne Junior Crews of 2018

We sum up our top performing junior crews of 2018, from J15 coxed fours to summer GB Junior Worlds crews. We break down their season for one last time.

St Paul's School 1st 8 cross the finish line celebrating at Henley 2018

St Paul's 1st VIII

Winning the Triple is something that most junior rowers will only ever dream of, while simultaneously demolishing the Henley Record by 11 seconds in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, is something near impossible. This crew will go down in the history books as one of the fastest schoolboy crews ever. A crew with incredible depth and 6 Junior World champions highlights the outstanding pedigree of rowing that Bobby Thatcher has bred on the Tideway, alongside other notable coaches such as Donald Legget. At Marlow they did a 5:36.59, only 2 seconds behind the Leander Ladies' Plate Crew, and in doing so set the fastest 2K time ever produced by a schoolboy crew in competition. 
Name  Seat 2019 Club
Axel De Boissard Cox Princeton University
George Dickinson Stroke Princeton University (Lwt)
Tom Horncastle 7 St Paul's School
Douwe de Graaf 6 Harvard University
Calvin Tarczy 5 Harvard University
Ollie Parish 4 St Paul's School
Alex Langstone Bolt 3 University of California, Berkley
Leo von Malaisé 2 Oxford University
Cameron McInroy Bow Harvard University (Lwt)


Henley RC JW 1st VIII

Since J15, the 2018 year group of girls at Henley RC have been after the win in J18 Championship Girls Eights at National Schools, ending the winning streak held by Headington School. A successful year saw them start the year fast, with wins in events such as SHORR and Fours Head, putting them in good stead for the summer. Come National Schools, the girls had new blades, a new boat courtesy of Hudson UK, and a winning mindset that meant they led from the off, preventing the trophy from returning to Oxford for the 10th year in a row. Impressive wins at National School's and Henley Women's in their coxless quad also showed the versatility and oarsmanship of the senior squad.
Name Seat  2019 Club
Ella Nolson Cox Henley RC
Phoebe Fletcher Stroke Henley RC
Lottie Orr 7 University of California, Berkley
Daisy Butterworth 6 Melbourne RC
Mary Wright 5 University of Virginia
Sophia Hahn 4 Henley RC
Georgie Robinson Ranger 3 University of London
Alice Jones 2 University of Birmingham
Issy Jönsson Bow Sydney RC

Maidenhead RC 4x-

The triple of the coxless quads is a tough ask on the UK circuit. Maidenhead definitely saw the pressure upon them going into the 2018 season.  Starting strong, the SL6 squad won SHORR by 8 seconds over their seasons rivals Windsor Boys School, and again at National Schools by 4.7 seconds. Maidenhead led from the off, edging out over their competition through the 250m stepping on again to a length up at the 750m. With 500m to go the clear water between them and Windsor had moved to a length, crossing the line in control and in the important gold medal position. The final race of the season was the toughest of the year, Windsor had been closing throughout the season and took the win in the final of the Fawley Challenge Cup at Henley. 

 Name Seat 2019 Club
Harrison Rowe Stroke Nottingham University
Victor Kleshnev 3 Leander Club
Elliott Kemp 2 University of Califonia, Berkley
Edoardo Marshall Bow Reading University


The Windsor Boys' School 4x-

Windsor Boys' School had their focus on one event all year. The Fawley Challenge cup was theirs to lose and with a strong start to the year from Maidenhead, the pressure was on. Starting the final strong, they led by half a length out of the island. The WBS crew moved out to clear water at the barrier and had the race in their control moving past Upper Thames. Crossing the line, they retained the Fawley for another year.

Name  Seat 2019 Club
Tom Shewell Stroke Oxford Brookes University
Bryn Ellery 3 Old Windsorian BC
Isaac Workman 2 University of London
Sam Bodkin Bow University of Surrey


Kingston RC WJ164+

After beating the field by 13 seconds at School's Head, they set themselves up to be favourites at NSR. Fulfilling all expectation, they won the Anna Fangen Cup by 12 seconds and completed their excellent season with success at Henley Women's. Post-domestic racing, the crew were selected to race in the coxless four at the GB-France match, where they capped off a remarkable season with an 8-second victory over their French counterparts.


Radnor House J15 4+

J15 Coxed Fours rarely get mentioned on our blogs, however, when a crew come from an unknown name to claim victory at NSR, questions start getting asked. The crew from Radnor House, started the year strong with a win at SHORR by over a minute on Durham School, a result matching Norwich Schools' time gap in 2014, which has seen little competition since. The Radnor boys went on to take gold against the mini watt farmers from Walton RC at National Schools by 2.9 seconds. The early stage of these boys' rowing careers has started fast, and over the next few years will be waiting to see if this crew have the drive to not only be gold in colour, but also gold by nature.

Shiplake J16 8+

The Shiplake J16 really stepped on throughout last season and showed real class for a young crew. With a bronze medal at School's Head, they kept building into the summer and had a lot of success come regatta season. Their win at National Schools set the ball rolling and they went on to break the British J16 8+ record by a huge nine seconds, finishing in 6 minutes dead in quick conditions at Marlow. A big achievement was their qualification in the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta, a category for university eights. We mentioned in an earlier post that they could be showing the potential to be a group to mimic the SPS class of 2018, and as always, only time will tell!

Aberdeen J18 2-

Rob Powell and Miles Beeson were the golden pair from Aberdeen Schools' Rowing Association in 2018. Winning the championship coxless pairs at National Schools was one of the major highlights of their season. At final trials and crew selection at NWSC in July, they were selected at the Junior Worlds pair, to race at Račice, Czech Republic. Talking to AllMarkOne before they flew out, the pair mentioned that the main section of winter and spring training was spent in the ASRA 8, making the move to the pair that little bit harder come the Sunday of NSR.

On the lake in Račice the Scottish pair took the win in the B final, placing them 7th in the world rankings. Both of the guys have now moved to America for their University choices, with Miles joining the team at Yale and Rob joining the Princeton crew for their 2019 seasons.

 Name 2019 Club
Robert Powell Princeton University
Miles Beeson Yale University


Bedford School 1st VIII

The end of the 2017 season left a bitter taste in the Bedford School mouth, turning around to see Molesey BC cross the line ahead of them and take home the Child Beale. Starting the season with a win in 1st 8s, for the second year in a row, and a 7th place overall at Schools' Head, the boys in blue were on for a big year. The next surprise came when they beat Radley College at Bedford Regatta leaving everybody questioning what was in store come NSR.

The crew made the A-Final through a strong set of the time trial and semi-finals, and under NSR rules, they had already won their non-championship event in their blistering semi; it was now just an opportunity to take some names. The Bedford crew front-loaded the race, leading the whole pack- bar Paul's- through the first 500m. As they passed the 750m, Radley started to push back, however, they held them off for another 500m. It was only at the 1250m mark when their position was claimed by Radley, with Shiplake moving into third in the last 250m. A fourth place ranking above crews such as Shrewsbury and Eton, who knocked them out at HRR 2017.

Their Henley campaign saw them progress to Friday's quarter-finals, leaving them with the best Henley result the school has had in 20 years, and cementing their underdog season as one to be remembered by many.

 Name Seat 2019 Club
Christopher Lodge Cox Bedford School
Lennart Roese Stroke Bedford School
Connor Sheridan 7 Oxford Brookes University
Tom Christian 6 Star Club
George Christian 5 University of Birmingham
Alex King 4 Bedford School
Trent Abraham 3 Bedford School
Oliver Mitchell 2
Austin Roberts Bow Bedford School



Molesey J18 4-/+

An undeniably strong season, this crew displayed excellent promise from the off at School's head in the coxed four, by smashing the record and winning the event by 40 seconds. With a reduction in athletes from the previous year, coach Helen Taylor and the crew opted to race in the 4- at National School's, beating the top four from Paul's by 3 seconds in the Time Trial, but losing to them in the final by 5.5s. Post NSR, they opted to race the coxed four at Henley in the Brittania Challenge Cup. As only J18 rowers in an open men's category, expectations were severely outpassed after a strong performance on Thursday and Friday against TSS B and A respectively. The final against a strong Thames crew was always going to be one of the toughest races of the day.
The start of the race put them half a length down at the quarter mile. By the mile marker, Scott Cockle had got the four boys from the 'ends', back to less than a canvas down, however, with one of the strongest last 250m bursts in the coxed four circuit, Thames A moved back out to half a length across the line. With four of the athletes and coach moving on from Molesey Boat Club for the 2019 season, the 2018 4+/- will be a crew that goes down in history as a reminder that you don't need a big squad of athletes to successfully compete at the top end.
 Name Seat 2019 Club
Scott Cockle Cox Oxford Brookes University
Theo Darlow Stroke Molesey BC
Mikey Dalton 3 Oxford Brookes University
Cameron Spurling 2 Oxford Brookes University
Felix Warren Bow University of Edinburgh

Junior GB Crews

Coupe de la Jeunesse

The GB Coupe squad took the overall title for the third year running this summer, coming home with eleven medals despite gusty winds causing the cancellation of several of Saturday’s finals. The women’s eight, which is generally a relatively scratch crew for GB, started off the weekend positively taking the gold medal on the Friday. This year’s men’s eight, or ’CoupeAchter’, had their work cut out to match the 2017 crew’s gold medal in Hazewinkel, but put in a fantastic performance in their only final on the Sunday to take the gold meal six seconds clear of the Netherland’s. In the same way as the men’s eight, the men’s quad’s final on Saturday was cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. However, they raced hard come the Sunday to take GB’s third gold of the regatta, just a second ahead of the Italians.

Junior Worlds 4x-

This year's top GB junior quad comprised of Victor Kleshnev, Jake Offiler, James Cartwright and Bryn Ellery took on the Junior World Championships in August 2018. The crew made up of 4 different clubs put themselves in the hands of The Windsor Boys' School coach Mark Wikinson and came away with a silver medal and a second place world ranking. 

Junior Worlds 8+

The level of high-quality men's sweep was shown this year in the JM8+. With athletes from clubs both large and small, the coaches of Patrick 'Duggie' Duggan and Antony 'Smithy' Smith, had a big job on their hands with athletes Jake Swann, Oscar Olsen, Max Shakespeare, Dom Sullivan, Connor Sheridan, Ollie Parish, Tom Horncastle, George Dickinson and Axel De Boissard. Gelling multiple styles in a limited time period led to positive times back in the UK, leaving the focus to hold and improve on those times in the Czech Republic. The GB crew went on to claim the all-important Gold Medal in the final race of the day, the first time for any GB JM8+ over a 2km course.

Junior Worlds 4-

The stakes were high for the coxless four, with St. Paul’s School athletes Douwe de Graaf and Calvin Tarczy returning to the crew with gold medals at last year’s event in Trakai already under their belts. They were joined by domestic rivals Mikey Dalton and Theo Darlow of Molesey BC, who had a very successful season under the experienced eye of Helen Taylor after stepping up from the coxless four at the Coupe de la Jeunesse 2017. Shiplake’s Dave Currie did another fantastic job of gelling the crew and the boys really showed their class out in Račice. Another gold medal topped off a week of outstanding performances, including an impressive race in the semis to set a new world record of 5:47.73.