Munich Junior International Regatta Boys

Munich Regatta is for many the beginning of the Junior International Racing scene, with many top crews and national teams alike testing their mettle against some of the finest junior athletes around Europe, and in fact, the rest of the world! With entries from Great Britain, Germany, Croatia, Japan, Zimbabwe and 5 others, one can expect exciting racing amongst a very diverse set of crews. 

Team GB will send thirty-three athletes to take on the world, of whom 23 are boys, with many successful trialists eager to make an impression and be in with a chance of getting more stash! However, this regatta is the start of the season with regards to international racing for GB, and should not be taken as a meagre opportunity to grab some kit. Much like buttoning a shirt, one must get the first button right or the rest will end in misery; this regatta will be crucial for the athletes to get international experience under their belts, with many newcomers to the GB squad.

Notable mentions must go to Iwan Hadfield from Monmouth and Nicholas Pritchard from Monkton Combe, with both gaining places in the national team despite coming from the country’s smaller and less established clubs, showing that the GB System is working in giving every athlete an equal opportunity regardless of what club they represent. Abingdon’s Connor Brown returns to the GB team after some impressive performances in the GB Trials with Iwan Hadfield. It is likely that Connor will sit in the stroke seat of the M8+. Two out of the three Shiplake oarsmen have already earned GB vests, with Rhys Ash and Dom Brown earning places in the JM sweep team. Sebastian Hjortland-Marks will represent GB for the first time, cementing an unexpected rise to stardom. In addition, Shiplake will be taking their cox with them, with Jacob Kirby being GB’s cox.

Elsewhere, Westminster School and Radley both have four athletes each going to Munich Regatta, demonstrating the depth in excellent athletes from both clubs. Westminster will have the same four athletes racing at Munich this year, who raced there in 2018. Noticeably absent are any athletes from Eton, St Pauls, and Shrewsbury, so perhaps their coaches have repeated what Bobby Thatcher did last year and not allow his athletes to race under GB at this point in the season, instead prioritising Wallingford Regatta. All 3 of these crews have entered Challenge 8+ at Wallingford Regatta on Sunday.

There will be a livestream of these boy's races on Saturday and Sunday from the regatta organiser's website:
Heat - Saturday 8:44
Final - Saturday 12:32
Heat - Sunday 10:49
Final - Saturday 18:00
Heat - Sunday 8:05
Final - Sunday 16:37

In the sculling team, Leander athlete Miles Devereux will represent GB for the first time. He will be joined with the highly regarded Julian Van Gelderen from Windsor Boy's School and two of Henley RC’s best scullers, Balthasar Issa and Joe Long. Paul Phillips and Miles make up the GB double, while the other 4 scullers including Lea's Louis Powell make up the quad. Louis alongside his Lea RC crewmates comfortably won J18 4x at the Junior Sculling Regatta last Sunday.

There will be a livestream of these boy's races on Saturday and Sunday from the regatta organiser's website:
Heat - Saturday 8:12
Final - Saturday 12:04
Heat - Sunday 10:21
Heat - Saturday 17:52
Heat - Sunday 7:53
Final - Sunday 16:21

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