Coupe de la Jeunesse 2018: Denmark's JM4x-

Selecting the team

Søren Madsen 
Thomas Jensen
Martin Jensen
Frederik Lund

The quad for Coupe de la Jeunesse was selected about three weeks before the regatta. The original plan was to send a double scull to the junior worlds in Račice. Martin and Thomas, the 2 and 3 man in the boat, did however not deliver at the selection regatta in Sorø. As a result of this performance, the double scull project was abandoned in favour of a quad, aiming towards the Coupe. In cooperation with Frederik and Søren’s coach and Martin and Thomas’s coach, a new quad was established.

Frederik and Søren, the bow and stroke man of the quad, had previously been rowing the quad aiming towards selection for both the Coupe de la Jeunesse and Baltic Cup, an U18 regatta for countries in the Baltic region.


The training leading up to Coupe de la Jeunesse 

As the quad was selected and established shortly before Coupe de la Jeunesse, we would not have the opportunity to race at any regattas before the Coupe. We did, however, have the opportunity to race against the Danish U19 coxless four and the U23 coxless and coxed fours, all of which are going to the junior worlds and U23 worlds respectively.

Because we had such little time to prepare for the regatta, we had a very tight schedule of training awaiting, which was made even tighter when Søren sustained an unfortunate injury just before the training camp. In spite of the tough circumstances and inconveniences, we were determined and kept our head high, trying to gain as much speed as possible in the week of training we had together. When the training camp was finally done, we were positive and holding our heads high, feeling confident and well prepared.


Racing at Coupe de la Jeunesse

This will be the first year where Denmark is taking part as a member of the Coupe nation and will see the first year where Danish athletes will compete, aiming to start strong as well as having an educational experience for both the rowers and the Danish rowing federation. It’s a huge honour to be selected for the first Danish team ever to compete at the Coupe de la Jeunesse and we are looking forward to 


We wish the whole quad the very best of luck with their campaign in Cork this week!

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