What to pack for a regatta

Packing for anything can be stressful. Especially a sporting event... you always ask yourself: have I got everything? Did I pack a water bottle? Do I have enough money? To keep stress levels to a minimum, try to pack a little in advance so there are no doubts when you're inevitably running late on the day. 

This list will hopefully help you in packing for your rowing event and offer a guideline for what to have in your training bag.

Bag- Pretty self explanatory! Preferably take just one bag or backpack that can fit all the items listed here. You'll thank yourself when you have to carry it around later! Maybe try this classy plastic bag as used by Brookes. Not sure where they got it. 

Clothing- Racing/ training kit including your all-in-one, splash top, base layers, t-shirts, leggings and tracksuits. It's a good idea to pack layers so you're prepared for a change in weather, or just to allow you to take layers off as you warm up. 

Footwear- In the summer, trainers or sliders should be fine. But if you're going to winter head races, the ground is often very boggy and it's a good idea to bring wellies or old trainers to wear in the mud. 

Towel- Just in case! Try this microfibre towel, it's light and won't take up much room in your bag, but definitely comes in handy from time to time.

Spare kit- It's always worth having a warm and waterproof change of clothes with you, especially during the winter. A spare pair of socks (or three) is useful to have any time you're out on the water.

Money- For food or event merchandise *stash* 

Water bottle- Take at least two bottles to keep hydrated and also consider any sports drinks or recovery shakes that work for you. There should be somewhere to refill your water either at your club or the regatta you're visiting. 

Sunglasses/ visor/ cap- Come in handy all year round. Rumour has it you can wear your sunglasses even if the sun hasn't been spotted for days if you're brave enough.

Beanie- For them cold sessions.

Seat grip- If you have one, you’ll know not to go anywhere without it!

Pogies (or gloves)- For cold and wet conditions.

Sun cream- To protect your skin from sunburn, but most importantly to protect your pictures from bad tan lines. Heat stroke is the last you thing you need before a big final. 

Rigger jigger- You will be praised for having your own. What do you mean you don't already have a DIY decorated one?

Plasters and/or tape- For them nasty unwanted blisters.

Earphones- To get you hyped up for the race. 

Food- Carbohydrates and energy bars, buy some pasta or chicken if you can before or between races. Bringing pre-repared food from home is your best bet, as sometimes the options available at regattas are more aimed at spectators and won't be good to eat before competing. 

A pack of tissues/ hand gel- By the end of a regatta, the portaloos usually look like they've seen better days. 

Last but not least- your British Rowing membership card. If you are part of a club, your coach will most likely have this, but if you row independently, put your card in your wallet or purse to take down to the event. Over in the USA, most of the logistics are done online so double check you've done everything you need to before you travel. 

Hopefully this helps and makes packing a little less stressful!


J15- North East, UK

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