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As the 2019 season starts, we at AllMarkOne look back on last season as well as forwards to the next 12 months. For a more in-depth look at specific year groups, take a look at our UK Circuit blog.

The past season has been the busiest that I or the rest of the team has ever taken part in. Because of that, I've asked every team member to talk about their favourite moments of this season, as well as what they are most looking forward to next year.


Richard Man

My favourite moment from last season was watching my old school crew, Bedford, retain their 1st 8 win at the Schools' Head of the River, as well as come fourth in the A-Final of Senior 8s at National Schools', taking gold in the non-championship event. Next season I am looking forward to covering larger scale events, such as commercial contracts which we have lined up. 

2018 has been an incredible year as the CEO of AllMarkOne for me. From the release of the new website containing the online store and AllMarkHub to watching the team expand around us. With a massive increase in time-pressure for me, the expansion of the team, especially in the photography section, has been key to the successful growth of AMO.



Lucinda Douse


Wilf Le Brocq



Dent Goodman





Yasmin Ryman-King

 My favourite moment from 2018 was National Schools' Regatta. After only joining AllMarkOne the week before I had no clue who anyone was but within a day I felt like I was a key, integral part of the team. Having the ability to follow races in launches with the AMO passes let me play with my shooting style and was a lot of fun, whilst also creating good content. 

In this upcoming season I am looking forward to the challenges of shooting on the Tideway for the first time. The Tideway always has its own special unique challenges for rowers, however as a photographer, the distances between a shooting spot and athletes are significantly larger, requiring longer and sharper lenses to get the normal shots. Bring it on!


Rory Cruickshank

One of my favourite moments of the 2018 season was the Head of the River livestreams. With little to no planning, the team put together a "bodge job" of a stream above Imperial College Boathouse. Starting with WEHORR we tried to keep it as simple as possible, in an attempt to reduce the chances of things going wrong, with the difficulty increasing over HORR and SHORR.

Another favourite moment in the calendar is the hype-train in the lead up to Henley Royal Regatta. This year we hired some seriously nice kit to shoot with at the University of London in March, followed by Maidenhead RC and Oxford Brookes Uni BC in June, to whack some montages together. Every rower is very excited in the lead up to HRR so getting good footage is even easier than usual.

This season I am coxing at university, so will have a lot less time on my hands than I had last year. I will be looking forward to seeing how all the new team members take on the challenge of AllMarkOne and how the company can grow with new and creative ideas. I can't wait to move AMO into expansion stage four and onwards!


I wanted to thank all of the team members of AMO who will not be remaining with us for the 2019 season, you will all be missed, as many of them move off to pursue other aspects of academia and sporting success. 

I also want to personally thank every member of the team that is part of our recent expansion, from the year group writers for the AllMarkHub, to the photographers, editors, Instagram team and the senior team, without whom, none of this would have ever been possible. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes at AllMarkOne and over the next few months, we aim to show you as much of this as we can. Keep tuned in to our social media pages and tag us in your latest posts.


To another year.



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