Fulham Reach BC: How rowing changed Schuyler's life

Check out our project below with Fulham Reach Boat Club. 

We focus on the power of rowing, using Schuyler as an example of how the amazing charitable work by FRBC can lead to opportunities with the potential to change a young person's life. There wasn't a school that would support Schuyler, and whilst being homeschooled, his father came across a council ad by chance.  He found a welcoming community that stood by him at FRBC and this has enabled him to grow in many ways, both in the boat and beyond it. Picking up a few British ergo records along the way, Schuyler has shown us the rewards of hard work and will start this autumn at Eton College on a full scholarship.

"He wants to achieve as much as he can in every area of his life. The problem for me was providing him with an environment in which he could achieve his potential. And that's always been the greatest challenge. For him to have the opportunity to go to Eton- where I am very, very confident he can achieve his potential- is just wonderful. I'm just grateful."  -Harry, Schuyler's father 

This is about opportunities far beyond rowing. Please read more on the fantastic work at Fulham Reach here. Click here to vote for our video in The Charity Film Awards 2019 and donate to this very worthy cause. 

 Lucinda and the AllMarkOne Team

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