Extras to pack for a regatta for coxes

For a more general guide, we hope you've read our what to pack for a regatta article. A few of the coxes had some more specific points to add...

Cox Box/Cox Orb/Coxmate amplification system, a charger, microphone, headband and your personal deadweight. Double bagged sand bags are our recommendation, as you can put them in footwells without the risk of causing damage to the inside of the boat. 

Peaked cap and sunglasses to remove sun reflections from water. Polarising sunglasses work to minimise reflections off the water so are certainly a worthy investment.

Lifejacket. Manual inflation with a CO2 canister is best  and always remember to check it is tightly screwed in.

Kit with a zipped pocket for small tools/weight certificate when on the water.

Water bottle- staying hydrated is equally important whether you're the athlete or cox.

 2 x 10mm spanner and 1 x 13mm spanner. We reccomend the rigger jigger as a tool to do both 10mm and 13mm, so then 1xrigger jigger + 1x10mm.

 For senior coxes: 

  • Speedcoach/Strokecoach
  • Spare coxbox battery, with full charge
  • Tool bag/small toolbox
  • Flathead 6.5mm screwdriver
  • Philips Head screwdriver (PH1/2 depending on what blades you use)
  • Torx 6 driver (Concept 2 blades only)
  • Tape Measure (3m for sculling boats 5m for sweep)
  • Allen Key set


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