A bit of backstory, and one more welcome


First things first- welcome to the team, similar to last year, applications outnumbered vacancies by around 10 to 1, congratulations for being successful! We are so excited to have you all on board. AllMarkOne has been a project many of us have grown up with, and everything we’ve done has been a credit to a team of people. We are always looking to expand and do more which is made possible by our ever-growing team. So, thank you!

If you’re reading this, we already know your main interest is photography, but I think it makes sense to make you aware of what we get up to across the board. 

  • Photography is where it all began and remains a core part of everything we do. Our work ranges from:

-covering races for public sale on our Zenfolio store

-shooting as accredited press at events like The Boat Race & Henley Royal Regatta

-commercial shoots for rowing equipment companies such as OFS Clothing

- shooting abroad at events like the World Rowing Junior and U23 Championships as media suppliers to British Rowing

As onboarded photographers you have all received pdf files explaining both our software automation and web systems as well as our guide for capturing the best photographs at an event as well as the operations process that our team has designed for you to upload and sell images on the Zenfolio store. 



  • Videography is something we expanded into over the past two years. Since then, we've done private shoots for clubs like St. Paul's School & Oxford Brookes and promotions for Oarsport, Fulham Reach Boat Club and the GB Rowing Team.
  • Livestreaming is an area we tapped into this year. We are keen to continue the tradition of streaming of SHORR/ WEHORR/ HORR. We’d love to branch into regatta coverage in the future, but we would need a significant investment in equipment to make this possible.
  • Written pieces have been centred around the 'AllMarkHub' which began with a team of juniors keen to develop their skills producing a variety of school level pieces. The older members of our team have done great work shedding some light on university/senior rowing and scarcely discussed topics like chronic illness, mental health and sports psychology. We are really excited to grow this area after our site received upwards of 200,000 page views across 92 countries in its first year. We also had writing team members working at The Boat Races and Henley Royal Regatta last year.
  • As we've grown and understood the influence our platform can have, we've also devoted time to impacting positively on the rowing community as a whole. It was great to be able to help fundraise for Anna Thornton last year, while our article discussing protocols in sexual assault cases at rowing clubs was picked up by British Rowing Chairman, Mark Davies, and brought to light in their board meeting.  

It's worth highlighting that we are a young team and in a nutshell, we've been looking to shake things up a bit and get more rowing coverage out there in an accessible way.  Our reputation within the media circuit amongst a lot of photography veterans reflects that, and we've had a lot of opportunities come our way in the past year- so far so good! AllMarkOne started back in 2015 with Rory, Rich and Alex, and we’ve all come such a long way from there. It’s so exciting to see how the coverage of rowing has evolved in that time and it’s been great to be a part of it.

Rich and Tom from the operations team will be your first point of contact, but on behalf of the rest of the ‘senior team’ (Rory, George, Wilf, Dent and I) we hope that we can have a lot of fun with this. If you ever have questions outside of the photography stuff, don’t hesitate to let any of us know as we’d be happy to help. This includes any interest in video (please come direct to me with this). 

I think that’s it for now! Thanks and welcome again.

Chief Executive Officer

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